• 14.10.2017
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Kigagul | 14.10.2017
The problem, of course, is that the group in question feel like it is an "attack" on themselves when "they didn't do anything wrong." Their sensibility is that those that are criticizing are being "too sensitive" or "don't understand" or "are angry" somehow, and that has "skewed their perception."
Samulkree | 18.10.2017
Danica Collins; thank you for a bounty of good vagina, I loved it!
Mazugar | 21.10.2017
anything someone tells me, they should operate under the assumption that my wife will know. Seems weird to "swear to secrecy" and not mention it to your wife, especially when it's not even her side of the family that he's tampering with.
Daikasa | 15.10.2017
guys vote this up so she sees

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