• 15.01.2018
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Memory of the geisha

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JoJoran | 16.01.2018
Well, I find the whole dharmic/vedic tradition much more intellectually stimulating and spiritually satisfying than the Abrahamic traditions. the uncompromising moral postulates and practices of Jainism, especially ahiб№ѓsДЃ, are a refreshing example of what religion, religious spirituality and/or practice should be.
Meztiramar | 24.01.2018
Add me I'm in the Inland Empire
Femuro | 23.01.2018
How we dress could also effect how others treat us. I’m not just talking about dressing sexy. Say you’re a manager and your subordinates respond better when you wear a fitted and ironed buttoned shirt as opposed to a sloppy polo. It doesn’t have to be vanity. It could just be unconscious choices we’ve conditioned ourselves to make for hundreds of possible reasons we might not be entirely aware of.

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